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Women love to pamper themselves. It is the reason they regularly visit local beauty salons. While the steady-handed among us could give ourselves pedicures, the simple fact is that it is hard to stretch out and trim and paint your toenails. If you are going to roam around socks-free with your tootsies out for the world to see, you really want them to be professionally pedicured. Plan a pedicure at a top-rated nail salon near you soon.

Things You Should Do Before Your Pedicure

What’s the most important thing to do before you get a pedicure? Make sure you choose a professional nail salon that feels right!

You should ensure that the technician sanitizes every foot bath basin after every client. You should make sure your technician is using fresh nail files, too.
Make sure your salon is well-lit and well-ventilated.

After your pedicure, be sure to spend 10 minutes in the blow-dry booth to make sure your toes are completely dry. Dab them with some cuticle oil and gently wrap them in plastic wrap or plastic bags before putting on loose socks and shoes. Be sure you are wearing flats, not heels, because added height places added pressure on your toes.

Consider a soak-less pedicure: Most pedicures begin with a nice, long soak for your feet in warm water. But some high-quality nail salons near me will wrap your feet in hot steamed towels instead. Diabetics need to avoid soaking their feet. If you have a weak immune system, you probably should avoid foot baths and ask for heated moist towels.


Things You Should Not Do Before Your Pedicure

Do not shave your legs for at least three days before you have a pedicure.

Don’t leave toenail polish on your toes forever. After about two weeks, it begins to flake and leave little white spots. It’s best to remove toenail polish before that happens. It’s okay to remove toenail polish just before your pedicure but you don’t have to.

Do not leave moisture between your toes when you bathe or shower.

It is also important to avoid callous peelers.

Don’t let your technician share emery boards. They cannot be sterilized. Make sure your technician is treating you with a new emery board, or, better yet, bring your own.

Every pedicure should be a luxurious experience. Taking care of your hands and feet is important for your personal hygiene and also enhances your looks.

Every pedicure should also be safe. Don’t be afraid to discuss anything you have learned from this article with the experienced staff of any good nail salon in your local area. Treat yourself at least once every two weeks and enjoy your healthy feet!

Nowadays, modern and top-notch beauty salons offer a great range of services in order to keep your body, face to toe, looking beautiful and healthy. You may be busy to any extent but never forget the importance of being a beauty at all times. Choose the right salon and have the habit of visiting there at the right times.

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